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Leiren Laks is a small enterprise that treats each piece of fish with precision and love. Here, everything is based on handcrafting, as we have learned from the generations before us.

In earlier times, we caught salmon and trout from our salmon traps. Some of the fish was sold to buyers, and some were used for our own consumption. Smoking fish was a natural part of food preservation and was of course served at gatherings and other festive occasions.

It is the knowledge from "bygone days" that we base ourselves on when we process the fish today. Our ancestors knew well how to preserve the precious food, and it is important for us to carry on this tradition.

Fresh "sprakje" / juniper is used in the smoking process. In 2013, we won two 3rd places in the Norwegian Championship (NM) for our products. In 2015, we won the "Det Norske Måltid" award with our cured rainbow trout, and in 2019, we won silver in the NM.

We believe this testifies to the quality of our products. Our cured fish is made in a traditional way with, among other things, salt, dill, and other spices. The fish is primarily purchased from local and high-quality farms. Therefore, the time from when we fetch the fish until it is processed is short. For us, it is important that the fish is as fresh as possible when we start working with it.

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